Jen Tipping

"Skilled coaches"

Jen Tipping

This has been my fitness home since the year 2000 and I cannot imagine my life without this special community.  The coaching – from fitness and nutrition to Olympic lifting technique – is always top-notch.  I learn something new with every visit and from every skilled coach.  Because DSC has been a consistent resource for health and fitness, it has been relatively easy to maintain weight and nutrition goals.  When I have wanted to reach a specific goal (e.g., a strict pull-up, a hand-stand push up, weight loss), the coaches have helped me with tailored programming, specific exercises, and realistic time domains to measure and reach my goals.  My most proud fitness achievement is reaching age 50 and having fitness as a daily part of my life.  I credit my time at DSC with my love of fitness and consider it as important a monthly expense as food (and wine!) and shelter.

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