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Getting started at DSC is easy. We know it may seem intimidating at first, but don't worry we aren't going to make you lift a bunch of weight or puke. We will, however, put you through the best workout of your life.

We understand that this type of training may be totally foreign to you, so to help you discover if it is right for you, we had like to invite you to try it before you buy it.


Here's a bit of info to prep you for your first trial training session at DSC. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by one of our coaches and showed around the facility. Before class starts we'll get some info on your background and any injuries/conditions you may have. Once class starts we will introduce you to your classmates, go over the workout of the day, assess any mobility restrictions you may have, teach you how to do the movements in the workout or use the equipment, coach you through it and the cool you down.

During your Trial session you will receive:

  • An assessment of your current fitness level
  • An overview of our training methodology and class options
  • A tour of our training facility
  • A heart-pumping workout appropriate for your current fitness level
    Information on how to transform your body in a way that's right for YOU
  • And so much more!

To get your first training session, scheduled on the right and then just arrive a few minutes early before for your first class to meet your coach. We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at DSC. We look forward to meeting you!

Note: Please only schedule a trial workout if you are serious about joining the gym. If you are not you will need to pay our $25 drop-in fee for the class.

Start Today Feel Better Tomorrow

We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.