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"A whole new world"

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I’m 48 years old and have been going to DSC for over 12 years.  I came from the typical gym world and had grown bored with fitness in general.  DSC opened up a whole new world and pushed me to limits I hadn’t been since my youth.  I picked up endurance racing because of my new found love of the “pain cave”.  One of my highest achievements in the fitness world is a 167 mile run across the tip of Madagascar while carrying all my gear.  It was months of 4 am 8 hour trail runs with 20 lbs of gear; an absolute monster run to train for.  The mental piece DSC instilled was a huge part of my ability to stay out on the trail and keep pushing.

I will say I made many mistakes when first training crossfit style workouts.  My one word of advice to newcomers is to check your ego, scale for movement quality over weight lifted, and push yourself beyond where you think your limit is.  You only get out what you put in.

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