December 20, 2021


Metcon (Time)
For Time. Partition in a way that allows you to finish in 15-17 minutes:

25 Devil’s Press (50/35#)
100 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges (50/30#)
75 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20")

1. The order must be maintained. So not matter how you partition your sequence must always be devil’s press, front rack lunges, burpee box jump. You cannot alternate back and forth between lunges and box jumps then do the devil’s press.
2. You must do full range of motion unless you have a medical waiver or it is automatic death.
3. Gaming the clock results in automatic death. If we see you taking a bathroom break and then walk out and yell time right at 16:59 you are doing burpees!!!

L1 = As written
L2 = 35/20#
L3 = 20/15#, Burpee Step-Ups

Goal: 15-17 minutes
Stimulus: Mental toughness.

Goal: Each set should take 4-5 minutes
Stimulus: 1:1 interval sprints
Scaling Notes: use kids bars for short people doing burpee pull-ups

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