March 13, 2021


Workout Of The Day
Metcon (Time)
800m Run (flat route)
30 DB Hang Squat Cleans
30 Push-Ups

L1 = 800m Run, 50/35# DBs, 30 Push-Ups
L2 = 800m Run, 35/20# DBs, 30 Push-Ups
L3 = 500m Run, 20/15# DBs, 20 Push-Ups

Instead of using the knees to scale the push-ups we are going to start having you elevate your hands on a box or even do wall push-ups. The knees are reducing the shear force on the lumbar spine. So when we scale that way you are making your core weaker, which won’t ever allow you to progress to Rx push-ups.

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