CrossFit WOD, April 15, 2020

WOD for 4.15.20

:30 High Knee Jog
:30 Butt Kickers
:30 High Knee Lunge
:30 Toy Soldiers
:30 Figure Fours
:30 Lunge with Twist

Workout Of The Day
Metcon (Time)
20 x 100m (:15-:30) HILL SPRINT

Score your WORST time

Find a hill.This is Atlanta so it should be easy. The hill should be as steep and as long as the hill on the 800m route at CFD. SPRINT up it as hard as you can and walk back down. Do it 20 times and then be hungry all day.
20 x :30 MAX EFFORT Burpees rest :90 between each set.

This is for those of you who can’t run.

2:00/side Hamstring LAX Ball Mobilization