CrossFit WOD, February 3, 2020

WOD for 2.3.20

Every 2:00 for 10:00
Row 200m
15 Slam Balls
15 Sit-Ups

Workout Of The Day
Back Squat (4 x 7 Eccentric Iso @ 65%)
These squats NEED to take :03 to lower down in to hole, then you hold for :02 in the bottom and stand. The phase of development is extremely important for developing leg strength, flexibility & core strength . If you cheat the work you will have a crappy squat.
Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds For Time
350/300m Row
13 Thrusters

L1 Fran Athlete = 45/35 lb Thruster, 250/200m Row
L2 Fran Athlete = 65/45 lb Thruster, normal row
L3 Fran Athlete = 95/65 lb Thruster, normal row
L4 Fran Athlete = We don’t have any L4 athletes.

Coaches Note
The back squat should be a 7/10 of precieved exercition. It doesn’t need to feel like it’s going to end you. It’s training not competing. The important part is to lower for :03 and hold for :01 at the bottom.

Metcon Notes: The row should take no longer than 1:00 and the Thrusters should all be unbroken, however it should be real work to get them done unbroken. Target time on this is 8:00 or less.