CrossFit WOD, August 16, 2019

WOD for 8.16.19

Pass Throughs
Inch Worms + Push-Up
Worlds Greatest Stretch

then in teams of 2
Ski 2k for time alternating every 200m. While 1 partner works the other holds a plank (top of push-up)

After that we’ll spend some time working on Squat Cleans & HSPU’s

Workout Of The Day
Metcon (Time)
For Time
10-1 Front Squats (185/125 lbs)
1-10 Deficit HSPU (4", 2")

So this will go 3-2-1 go do 10 squat cleans and then 1 HSPU

Scale this loading to something that is appropriate so you can do legit squat cleans.

Modifications for the HSPU can be Wall Walks, Dips or x2 Burpees. The choice is yours.