2019 CrossFit Decatur Open

It’s almost time for the CrossFit Open. This year we are doing things different. Here is how we are rolling:

  • Instead of doing the workouts on Friday’s we are doing to do them on Monday’s. (starting 2.25.19) This gives us time to plan for the equipment, events…etc.
  • Rather than encouraging people to register on the CrossFit Games site we are encouraging people to participate in our own in house team competition (read more below).
  • As always you don’t have to participate in the hoopla if you don’t want to. You can always just come in and get your workout on.
  • If you are actually signed up for the “official” open on CrossFit.com than please let a coach know so we can make plans for judging your workout.

Here is how the CFD Open works:

  • The “competition” runs on Monday’s from February 25 – March 25.
  • Get a team of 3 people that you like to workout with. They can be any age or skill level because there will be 3 options for the workout (RX+, Rx & Fitness).
  • Do the workout together in class on Monday’s, if possible. (You will be judged by a member of another team.)
  • Get points for your team based on your finishing position in your “division”. (we are using golf scoring. So first place gets 1 point. 40th gets 40..etc. Lowest points wins.). This means that someone who finishes first in the fitness division also gets the same amount of points for their team as someone who does Rx+. It also means an Rx+ team can lose to a Fx team.
  • The team with the least points after 5 weeks wins a cash prize (amount decided based on the number of sign-ups we have) & the soon to be coveted “Lord Willis Cup” trophy.

About Registering

Each team needs a team captain. That 1 person registers the whole team. The captain needs their team members names, emails and t-shirt sizes. Payment can be split at checkout so each person can pay individually.

About the Workouts

We will take the workout that CrossFit issues on the prior Thursday and modify the format to meet our gym. This may mean things like Ring Muscle-Ups become Bar Muscle-Ups. Obnoxiously heavy loadings meant for the pro’s get modified to our scale of heavy…etc. The goal is to make sure there is a good hard workout for every person at CrossFit Decatur and you can actually compete and not just look at a set of rings for 16 minutes.

Again there will be 3 options each week. Rx+, Rx & Fx. You choose the workout each week that best suites your ability. Yes, you can change “divisions” each week based on the workout, however coaches get to override anyone attempting to scale down to get a higher place (Ryan Toth I know you immediately think about this).

The Cost

It’s $60 for your team to register (i.e. $20 per person). The money gets you a t-shirt and goes towards the winners pot.

Special Circumstances

Inevitability there will be situations like team members being out of town…etc. We will deal with these on a case by case basis. Don’t look for excuses not to participate, there will be a way for everyones workout to get counted that wants to be.

Register For The Open HERE