CrossFit Decatur December Run or Row Challenge

The holiday season is here! If you are like me than you already maybe feeling a little more jiggly than normal after just a few days. This time of year can get can a bit crazy with parties, family, food and booze and it’s easy to let yourself go and get out of your routine of eating well and getting to the gym everyday. So this year we (all the coaches) collectively decided that we wanted to do a simple challenge to help keep all of us from going off the deep end. The challenge is to Run 1 Mile or Row 2k, in addition to your normal workout, every single day for the Month of December. The hope is that in being committed to doing this every day that you’ll be more conscious of what you put in your body (you’ll feel it on your runs if you don’t) and attempt to make better choices. We also hope that it will help you all make working out a priority even when your schedule is crazy and your stressed with family..etc.

Here is how the challenge works
1. Register For The Challenge Here and download the Wodify Rise App

2. Starting December 1st (next Saturday) Run 1 Mile, or Row 2k Everyday for all 31 days during the month of December (you can’t batch miles and count them for later..the challenge is to make this a daily practice)

3. Use a run tracking app like Strava or your FitBit, Apple Watch…etc to track your daily run. (rowers we’ll get to you in a second). At the end of the run take a photo of your measurement (screenshot, photo of watch..etc) proving you completed the run. Rowers you just row your 2k and then take a photo of the time it took to do the 2k. Post your proof photo in Wodify Rise each day.

4. At the end of December see how much better you feel than other years.

1. Can I mix rowing and running? YES
2. What if I can’t run or get to the gym? Walk 1 Mile Instead
3. I am having issues with Wodify Rise? Email
4. What if I miss a day? You get less points on the leaderboard.
5. Can I make it up? Sure, please do, but it still won’t count for your daily run/row.
6. What if I don’t have a smart phone or smart watch but still want to run? Email me and we’ll get you a more analog system for tracking.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me at