CrossFit WOD, August 8, 2018

WOD for 8.8.18

Workout Of The Day
Power Snatch (E2MOM x 2 Reps building to a 2RM)
Metcon (Time)
"The Spealler Special"
5 Rounds For Time
15 Toes To Bar
12 Box Step Overs
9 Power Snatch

Rx + = 55/35 lb Dumbbells over a 24/20" Box, 135/95 lbs for snatch

Rx = 45/25 lb Dumbbells over 24/20" box, 95/65 lbs for Snatch

20 Minute Cap

Metcon (Time)
FItness WOD
5 Rounds For Time
15 Hanging Knee Raises
15 Box Step Ups with KB held goblet style
15 American KB Swings

Rx = 44/25 lbs

Rx=44/25 lbs

This should be a 13-16 minute workout.
•The Toes to bar should be finished in no more than 3 sets
•The Step overs should be done in no more than 2 sets
•The barbell should be light enough to where you consider doing all the reps unbroken.

If these expectations seem unreasonable then scale the load or reps to allow you to maintain the stimulus. Scaling is not lame or defeating. Scalining is taking a workout that was written for the upper 1% of athletes and personalizing to your fitness level. If you scale correctly and often you will get fitter and be less injured.