CrossFit WOD, May 18, 2018

CFD Golf

Workout Of The Day
This workout is a partner workout. If you didn’t sign up ahead of time that is ok. We’ll find you another lost soul in class. If you want to fly solo that is ok too.

This workout works like this:
-Each hole is a individual workout
-Each hole has a Par. That is number of times you can "break" or change partners during the event. So if the hole is 90 Wallball Shots and the Par is 2. That means if you break it up into 3 sets of 30 on the "hole" you would shoot 1 over par.
-Each hole also has a time cap. If the required work is not completed in the time cap you will take whatever double par is and move on.
-There will be prizes for best dressed and top 2 teams.

Metcon (Time)
Hole 1: 90 Wallball Shots (PAR 2| Rx=20/14, Fx=16/14)
Hole 2: 60 Pull-Ups or Ring Rows (PAR 3)
Hole 3: 100 Push-Ups (PAR 4)
Hole 4: 50′ Broad Jump (PAR 5)
Hole 5: 50 Shoulder To Overhead (PAR 3, Rx=95/65, Fx=75/55)
Hole 6: 60 American KB Swings (PAR 3, Rx=53/35lbs, Fx=44/26lbs)
Hole 7 150′ Sandbag Bear Hug Lunges (PAR 3, Rx=100/70, Fx=70/50)
Hole 8 = 75 Back Extensions (PAR 3)
Hole 9 = 400 Rotations of the Jump Rope

We are using time as the scoring because there is no way to make the lowest score possible the best score with reps.

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